To do:

more shrines (chips, mini,sev).
Oc profiles
additions to The used album mini shrines.
Music of the now
Image of the week
/10th dec 2023/
First oc profile! enjoyyy

/3rd dec 2023/
Oc page! no actual profiles yet -.-!

/23nd nov 2023/
enter my boring room hehe

/22nd nov 2023/
graphics page containing things ive made with my own two hands!

/21st nov 2023/
Graphics additions to The Used shrine, new youtube video to the video collection, new blog entry.

/20th nov 2023/
I've been silently updating for the past 2 weeks, new 3d stuff, new art, new cocoppa stuff, new dream etc.

/6th nov 2023/
new art, new cocoppaplay outfit archival, pic of the week change

/5th nov 2023/
Roblox page

/4th nov 2023/
COCOPPA PLAY PAGE there's also new art idc

/1st nov 2023/
Youtube Video collection added found here

/31st oct 2023/
New art

/29th oct 2023/
LPS collection added found here

/26th oct 2023/
CD, Manga, DVD collection added found here

/23th oct 2023/
LINKS PAGE!! invitation to new realities!

/14th oct 2023/

/6th oct 2023/

/4th oct 2023/
Collection page!! found here

/3rd oct 2023/
Art index thingy idk.. found aboveee

/30th sept 2023/
New blog entry, added a new tab to the used shrine.

/24th sept 2023/
We got the sitemap! wahoo!.

/10th sept 2023/
Silly stuff page. found above.

/8th sept 2023/
Dream diary/archive.

/6th sept 2023/
Music archive page done.

/5th sept 2023/ account.

/4th sept 2023/
Not found page done, blog entry, Image of the week archive.

/3rd sept 2023/
Pages from old site moved here.
updates to the index.

/2nd sept 2023/
Site created.

This site contains: Bright colors, Autoplay, Horrors and
Welcome to Antiamorous!
this is a personal site full of all kinds of junk where i say and do whatever i fucking want ahahaha.
Explore all you want but be careful around the gears and cords. you might get tangled or get crushed to death. Dont even try to sue me beyond the grave, I own a ghost vacuum.

*site not recommended for those under the age of 14-15?*

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