To do:

more shrines?
switch digital collections to a TV page?
archive 2020 art and older
Food recipes page
Music of the now
Image of the week
/12nd june 2024/
Monthly experience blog review is here! sorry that took a bit.

/3rd june 2024/
cocoppa page update.

/2nd june 2024/
yayy! updates to most OC pages to include new ref sheets and new info, 2 new characters. updates to closet and photography page.

/27rd May 2024/
NEW GUESTBOOK, updates to; dream diary, cocoppa page, photography page, links page, art page. Sorry for such small updates. ive been feeling like shit.

/13rd May 2024/
yay hi! new blog post, updates to room page closet, addition to my Cd collection.

/5th May 2024/
oopsie woopie. writing the blog posts i was supposed to write on the 1st daY took longer than expected. they're here now though.. enjoy.

/1st May 2024/
Its the first of the month! music change, again.. new cocoppa archive update, MORE COMING SOON I JUST GOT OUT OF BED!

/29th apr 2024/
Music change. thats all

/23rd apr 2024/
NEW PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE!! update to 3d models, blog, book collection, NEW ART, yeah.

/17th apr 2024/
Links page update, new stuff added to my closet, new dream!.

/8th apr 2024/
Simple Music update. thats all :P

/2nd apr 2024/
Yayy. montly review is here!!

/29th mar 2024/
Arts!! i also added art to 2023 i forgot about.

/26th mar 2024/
slight room update (mostly to the shelf area), new dream, added lps to the collection (i forgot)

/25th mar 2024/
Addition to the roblox archive. nothing else.

/22nd mar 2024/
New blogpost about my recent cd and thrift purchases. also added to the collection.

/11th mar 2024/
New art, New dream (warning: a little violent).

/6th mar 2024/
New art, New stamp, usual cocoppa play additions.

/4th mar 2024/
SO MUCH SHIT GOING ON HELP!!! new cocoppa, music of the now changed, links update, more youtube vids to the collection,

/2nd mar 2024/
Finally, quizzes page.

/1st mar 2024/
New DVD, cocoppa play page updates. New blog review, sry if the writing sucks on it.

/19th feb 2024/
new dream.

/15th feb 2024/
Bicycle boy shrine is up! my favorite webcomic

/13th feb 2024/
New blog post and a new dream ^_^, i also cleaned up some of my former dream writings.

/12th feb 2024/
brand new artttt. and new 3d work Blog page upgrade ^_^

/7th feb 2024/
New art whos excited. also new addition to my dvd collection

/5th feb 2024/
Im in a drawing mood.. New art!! also new dreams

/4th feb 2024/
New art.. again

/3rd feb 2024/
New art

/2nd feb 2024/
Did some construction on the weekimage archive page,
new graphics to The Used graphics collection,
addition to the youtube video collection.

/1st feb 2024/
New chaaracter!!

/31st jan 2024/
New art ^.^

/30th jan 2024/
New art, Link page update.

/29th jan 2024/
Made a new blinkie (graphics gallery)

/18th jan 2024/
Chicken smoothie page

/17th jan 2024/
New music of the now, and big news; OC PROFILES ARE DONEEE!!!!!

/16th jan 2024/
New OC profile, stuff added to the links page.

/15th jan 2024/
New dreams, slight changes to index.

/14th jan 2024/
Back at working on character profiles, the return of the cbox!

/11st jan 2024/

/10th jan 2024/
Valhe gallery update, NEW ART!

/8th jan 2024/
new art yo

/6th jan 2024/
New DVD for the collection, Shrine for a childhood favorite game.

/5th jan 2024/
Additions to The Used shrine!!!

/3rd jan 2024/
New 3D model, new digital collection to collectiom page.

/2nd jan 2024/
happy new year, new oc profile and blog entry hehe

/31st dec 2023/
more youtube videos to the youtube vid collection

/28th dec 2023/
back with the oc profiles.. more

/25th dec 2023/
Cheesy jalapeno potato chip shrine. can you mentally take it??

/23rd dec 2023/

/19th dec 2023/
new dreams, new cocoppa archival, new profiles COUGJH COUGHH

/18th dec 2023/
cough ughhh i was sick,, continuing with profiles.

/14th dec 2023/
you guessed it! more OC profiles!

/13rd dec 2023/
more oc profile,, someone bring me food #starving

/11st dec 2023/
another oc profile
there is now more just check the oc index page...

/10th dec 2023/
First oc profile! enjoyyy
another one

/3rd dec 2023/
Oc page! no actual profiles yet -.-!

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