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1st sept 2022
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Joe Hisaishi - Kodamas
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Full name: Raimund Ignatz Schäfer
Gender/Pronouns: Male // He/Him
Orientation: AroAce
Age: 19
Nationality: German
Occupation: None
Raimund is a paranoid self proclaimed abductee, living in complete isolation in the middle of nowhere.

he has a very hopeless look on life, He tends to give up when faced with a challenge and is bad at standing up to himself, like letting people take advantage of him and forgiving people who have done him wrong even he shouldn't.
Most of the time Raimund is quiet and shy, but since he's quite erratic, he can get into a state of panic and paranoia over the smallest of things. He usually cries when put into scary situations.
He is very far away from a confident and a stable personality.

There's a lot of mystery surrounding Raimund. He doesn't have a job of any kind, but is able to stay alive through mysterious money envelopes sent to his mailbox every month, the sum is large and no one seems to have any idea who is sending these.
He claims that some years ago aliens abducted him and forcefully fed him human flesh which made him "get addicted" to it, To control the urges of the addiction the unfortunately has to take few lives agaisnt his will..

Raimund could be described as a cannibalistic serial killer, although he doesn't like to be called that. he feels very embarrassed and doesn't like talking about it.
He wishes he could stop but the longer he waits the more the hunger grows.
When he's killing he becomes completely unrecognizable, like a whole different person. Eerily silent and focused, devours his meal like a starving animal. He usually comes to his senses afterwards and freaks out.

prayers for this guy he's crazy.
His past is just another mystery to the pile. The only thing known about his former life is "The abduction". He has never mentioned his childhood or his family, it is unknown if he even has one.
Maybe he knows more than he lets on, or maybe his memory is truly gone.

•He is blind from his right eye, his glasses are slightly cracked from that side too.•
•has body hair on his arms.•
•His nose bleeds frequently.•
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