Fun page!! here you can find all the fun facts, my fav images and other misc things that are quaranteed fun.. maybe?
Fun facts
The Used's song "Sound effects and overdramatics" from their 2nd album was used in Saw II. the scene where amanda is doing drugs or whatever ^_^

While recording their song "Greener with the scenery", the band threw pots and pans at Bert [band's vocalist] while recording his screams, to make it sound more authentic.

Back in the early days of the band, Bert used to scream so hard while singing that'd he'd throw up onstage. he was pretty known 4 that.


Bert used to do gymnastics ^_^!

The Used have recorded a song for the Twilight New moon movie, titled "for you i would", but it was never released or used in the movie..

My brain is stuck and i cant remember/find any more X_X ill be adding more soon!!!
Fav images
AAHH ITS SO HARD TO DECIDE :[!! i have over 200 pics in my fav folder but i cant put them all here for obvious reasons, so enjoy these.

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