What i consumed in February
1st of march 2024
how many: 8
Happy happy March and Leap day!!
Today is the day i look back on things i watched, or played in the month of february 2024. We've got 7 Movies and 1 Unfinished Game replay.
These Being; No Country For Old Men, Clue, Home on the Range, Transpotting, Rain Man, Breakfast on Pluto, The Zone of Interest and lastly the game; Disco Elysium.
Yes this is going to be a long read xD. In these barebones reviews i will start including a basic overview on the plot, since i didn't do it on the previous.. alright lets go!

No Country for Old Men (2007)
directed by Joel- and Ethan Coen

the plot of No Country for Old Men follows Llewelyn Moss, A man who stumbles upon dead bodies and 2 million in a suitcase. Now he's getting chased by a guy with a goofy haircut.

I watched this film alone in my room on the 9th day. My feelings on this are mixed, The movie obviously wasn't created to appeal to people like me as i personally didn't care about the deep messages or whatever, that was in the movie.
I felt like it dragged on for way too long, and in the end i felt like nothing was gained from this experience.
The visuals didn't make an impact on me either. The only visual thing that did surprise me, is that i thought the movie was way older.. 2007?! i thought this was a 80-90s production .
well, did i enjoy anything?? of course. I liked seeing the guy with the goofy haircut do his awkward conversations and annihilate people, that weapon he has is crazy. Is it just fictional or is weaponizing something like that really possible?! maybe this movie did leave me with something, and it's questions.
I sure did hope i would end up enjoying this. I wish i couldve been one of those film fanatic men that treat this movie as the best piece of media ever, or one of those tumblr users who draw the goofy haircut man with cat ears, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.. I didn't enjoy the movie that much, but it wasn't the worst either.
boring meter: 2/5
crazy meter: 3/5
pretty meter: 2.5/5
OVERALL: 2.5/5 stars!!

Clue (1985)
directed by Jonathan Lynn

the plot of this Clue follows 6 dinner guests who gathered at the mansion of their host, who's later found dead. A murder mystery investigation starts.

I watched this film with my friend Aaron on the 10th day of the month. Before we go any further into the review, i have to say that i wasn't paying full attention, as i was drawing at the same time. (sorry, this won't happen again) BUT, i do know what happened 96% of the time.
I think it was an enjoyable movie. The writer(s) did a great job writing the jokes in this. I found many of them funny, crazy to think how even after all these years the jokes still appeal to people. Movies are truly timeless.
While watching, i was unsure if you were meant to be actually invested in the mystery. I didn't really care who was the murderer and who wasn't, or what was the outcome. I'm not going to comment on the visual side of things because I really don't know what to say about it. I feel like im going to be biased because it's an older movie and 99% of old movies always manage to look really fucking good.
Overall; the movie was okay, Funny and silly, Has Tim Curry, but i got nothing more on it.
boring meter: ?/5
crazy meter: 4/5
pretty meter: 3/5
OVERALL: 3/5 stars!!

Home on the Range (2004)
directed by Will Finn, John Sanford

the plot of Home on the Range follows 3 cows who want to save their home farm. There's an evil guy that yodels.

I watched this film with my Mom and my Little sister 16th day of the month. My mom made the family watch this as its one of her favorite animated movies. It's been most likely over a decade since i last watched this, so it's nice to get a reminder.. now to the review! lets bust a moo!
The movie wasn't as boring as i expected it to be, probably because the pacing was HORRENDOUS, and not in the slow way. It truly felt like watching those tiktok movies where everything was happening with little to no breathing room inbetween. (minor spoilers) in one of the scenes it starts raining, and in about 5 seconds, the rain water is suddenly deep enough to drown in.
either i got used to the pacing or the pacing only improved near the final scene, where the cows find the evil yodel guy's cave. Its amazing really.
overall, its a sweet movie. happy farm 4 ever.
boring meter: 2/5
crazy meter: 1/5
pretty meter: 2/5
OVERALL: 2/5 stars!!

Trainspotting (1996)
directed by Danny Boyle

the plot of Trainspotting follows the life of a heroin addict in Edinburgh.

I watched this movie alone in my room on the 17th day. i had cheesy jalapeno chips as my company.
The movie was an experience alright, it truly captured the horrible aspects of what being a drug addict is like, unsure if it was realistic in its portrayal, but it was enough for me to steer even more away from such life style (wasn't even going to get near anyways??).
i dove into the film completely blind, but from the start i guessed that some things were doomed to happen, which ended up being correct. The gruesome execution of these expected tragedies were still enough to catch me offguard whenever they happened.
I very much liked the ending, made me feel hopeful.
Visual-wise this movie is insane and unique. it amazes me just how grimy and uncomfortable some places looked. very far away from pretty, but thats what fits the movie :). It was a great watch, liked it.
boring meter: 0.5/5
crazy meter: 4/5
"pretty" meter: 4/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5 stars!!

Rain Man (1988)
directed by Barry Levinson

the plot of Rain Man follows a man named Charlie Babbitt finding out he has an autistic brother because his father left a fortune to him, or something like that. I do not care.

I watched this alone in my room on the 19th day.
This movie lowkey pissed me off because the main character spends most of his screentime being ableist, selfish and mean as shit until the end, where kindness overtakes him. The character development didn't feel unrealistic but its hard to forget and forgive when the character spent most of the 2 hour screentime being an asshole..
the movie itself was kind of a nothingburger, nothing really going on aside from the "crazy high point twist". oftentimes boring. wouldn't watch again. kmart sucks.
boring meter: 3/5
crazy meter: 1/5
pretty meter: 2/5
OVERALL: 2/5 stars!!

Breakfast on Pluto (2005)
directed by Neil Jordan

the plot of Breakfast on Pluto follows a Trans woman named Patrick "Kitten" Braden Who leaves her home in search for her mother in London.

Watched alone in my room on the 20th day.
I found out about this movie from a social media post i saw that contained screen captures from the movie. the beauty of the main character had completely bewitched me, so i gave it a watch :).
in all honesty, i don't even have the proper words to describe all of this. You know those stories written by 13 year olds on the internet, that would involve the main character going through traumatizing/crazy situations out of nowhere?? yeah the movie was basically like that. I'd find myself feeling uncomfortable regularly because i was so worried about what's going to happen to the main character ( who's the best part of the movie. i love herrr). I'm not even kidding, they truly were putting her in all kinds of situations.
The thing that bothered me the most about the movie, is the way Kitten and her father met (near the end). it made me feel really weird for the rest of the movie, but it didn't change my overall opinion, as it wasn't *that* serious. surprisingly, the movie is somewhat positive and the ending was heartwarming. I found it inspiring that the main character always stayed true to herself no matter the things she went through.
the visuals?? they weren't that interesting, but i did enjoy the looks/clothing kitten had, especially in the perfume fight scene.
boring meter: 1/5
crazy meter: 4/5
pretty meter: 2/5
OVERALL: 3/5 stars!!

The Zone of Interest (2023)
directed by Jonathan Glazer

the plot of The Zone if Interest follows the commandant of auschwitz and his family, who live their life next to the camp.

Watched this with my friend and my friend's friend on the 26th day.
This movie tackles very serious topic so i try to be as respectful with my review as possible.
I was excited to watch this, but i feel like i've been let down. most of this movie relies on things you don't directly see, but what you learn through sounds, reactions of others and things happening in the background. If you're as stupid as me, most of these dark background details will go over your head, resulting in most of the movie being about watching a family get through life day by day.
mid way i completely lost focus on the film because i started noticing signs within me that allured to breast cancer, which affected my experience.
The execution of the ending scene was very effective though. unexpected and heartbreaking.
boring meter: 4/5
crazy meter: 0/5
pretty meter: ?/5
OVERALL: 2/5 stars!!

Disco Elysium (2019)
Created by ZA/UM

the plot of Disco Elysium follows an amnesiac loser cop who lost all his memories after a bender. Now you have to solve a murder,, and stuff

I started my REPLAY on the 24th day. I havent finished yet, because i got sick with feverrr.
I've played this game once start to finish in 2023 and i still enjoy it as much as back then, the only difference being is that i have more understanding of politics and what things mean.
Im trying to get myself out of my shell and choose more unhinged replies but things just get too real, im used to being kind and sheltered, scared of embarassment.. someone save me.
The writing and the visuals are beautiful. this game is truly one of a kind, just playing this game helps my language skills improve. dont even get me started on the characters, all of them are so well written and have so much depth to them.. truly top tier characters. I love kim. his swag is unmatched!!!!
I think the way Disco Elysium tackles politics is very interesting. i dont get most of it but i'm able to recognize that there's a lot of thought put into it.
I hope to finish my second playthrough soon!!
boring meter: 0.5/5
crazy meter: 5/5
pretty meter: 5/5
OVERALL: 5/5 stars!!